We have a “stepping-in” process for people who want to get to know more about the High Street Cohousing project, with a view to purchasing a unit and moving in.

  • Find out more about cohousing as a concept and our project in particular. Read the Cohousing book, and talk to people who are part of the project. [Contact Us]
  • Attend an induction workshop (held every couple of months)
  • Pay $100 to join Urban Cohousing Otepoti Ltd (UCOL), the company developing the project
  • Come to our regular meetings, to get to know your future neighbours and to help shape the development through planning and building
  • Obtain finance approval from banker/mortgage broker, submitting a letter from mortgage broker to UCOL Directors.
  • Agree to a police background check and/or supply names of referees to Directors
  • Pay minimum non-refundable loan advance of $5000 to become a member of Urban Cohousing Otepoti Ltd, and sign the Introduction to the Organising Agreement
  • Pay a minimum 20% of purchase price as loan to UCOL, to fulfil bank requirement, and produce documents to show your ability to follow through on Sale and Purchase Agreement.
  • Sign Sale and Purchase Agreement for chosen unit, and other documents as required
  • Ensure a Will and/or Enduring Power of Attorney is in place (if not in a partnership where automatic rights are given to another partner)

    Please check out our TradeMe site if you would like more information on the units we still have available, or contact us if you have any further enquiries.


  • Creating Cohousing: Building Sustainable Communities Kathryn McCamant and Charles Durrett (2011)
  • High Street Cohousing Project, Information Booklet, UCOL March 2015
  • Websites:,

We meet every two weeks to make decisions about the ongoing design and development of the project. Being part of the decision-making is a key part of the Cohousing concept – we are designing our neighbourhood and our future together.

Decisions are made by consensus, using a ‘coloured card’ process which allows people’s questions to be discussed, information to be given, and opinions to be heard.