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At this point 20 of the 22 of the homes have now been reserved though there are still two 4 bedroom homes available along High Street.


Homes in High Street Cohousing project range in size from 1 bedroom homes to 4 bedroom (+ study) homes. Each house is completely self-contained (i.e. laundry kitchen etc.) and freehold under a unit title. All new homes have been designed to the Passivhaus standard which ensures constant internal temperatures of 20-22C with almost no heating. The new homes will be constructed using structural insulated wall and roof panels, European triple glazed windows, and fully insulated concrete slab. The three homes within the common house have been designed to near Passivhaus standard and include additional insulation to the walls, roof and slab with the same high performance triple glazed windows as the terraced homes.

All homes have been designed in collaboration with Lifemark to ensure the homes will be fit-for-purpose throughout the various stages of life. From a design point of view this means, level entry to the main entry, generous internal door widths, toilets on all levels, future proofing for mechanical stair climbers and seating/grab rails in showers etc. A number of the houses are expected to qualify for a 3 star Lifemark rating.

In accordance with cohousing design principles most of the homes have been designed with the kitchen facing the common area. The kitchen space then mediates between the more social common space and the private living room. Experience has shown that occupants are often more likely to want to engage with neighbours when they are in the kitchen than when they are sitting in their lounge. Most homes also have formal front doors to the street though it is envisaged that the back doors will be the main point of entry.


  • Hot water for all the homes will be supplied by a centralised a highly efficient air sourced hot water heat pump system.
  • All homes include a high performance mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery which supplies fresh pre-warmed air to each bedroom and living space and extracts stale air from kitchen and bathroom spaces, creating a dry, warm and healthy home all year round.
  • Most homes will include a drying cupboard for passive and low cost drying of clothes using the home’s ventilation system. Outside clotheslines will also be available next to the common laundry which is available for those that would prefer not to own their own washing machine.

They are so designed as to look out and over the common space, yet retain privacy. There is a small courtyard behind and in front of each unit for individual use and planting.