The aerial view above shows the Dunedin suburb of Mornington in the foreground with the central city to the top right. The white shape to the right of Mornington Park is our site. We are extremely lucky to have purchased one of the few large vacant flat sites in the hill suburbs of Dunedin. As well as reducing the complexity of the design, a flat site also drastically reduces the cost of building.

The site is extremely well connected and only a stone’s throw from a fantastic park and small shopping centre including a supermarket, medical centre, restaurants and a postshop. Further afield the city centre is within easy walking distance and if you don’t feel up to the walk there is a bus stop right in front of the site which takes you into the centre of town within a matter of minutes.

For a site which is so urban it has an incredible amount of green around. Nestled within the city’s green belt there is plenty of bush for kids to explore three different playing fields within a 5 min walk.

On top of all this the site has great all day sun which can’t be built out as the other two sites on the block sit a couple of metres lower than the rest of the site.
We really have been very fortunate to secure this fantastic piece of land.

If you want to know more about the site, just drop us an email via the contacts page.